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Why papaya poppy is a bad idea

Why papaya poppy is a bad idea

There is a small bump or swelling along the eyelash edge of your eyelid. This common but painful infection can look like a sore or pimple. Children, infants and adults can get a stipend.

It would never be a good idea to pop or squeeze the stylus. Popping one foot can make it worse and can lead to other, more serious complications.


You can get a side on your upper and lower eyelids. It can be on the outside or inside of your eyelid. Normally you only get one stigma on one eye, but sometimes both eyes can get one eye at the same time.

Your complexion may look like a red, yellow, white, or pus-filled bump or a blister on your rough line. It can sometimes blink.

Other symptoms include:

Pain or tenderness in the eyes
Itchy or itchy eye
Eye water
Pus or liquid from collision
Crusting or drain from the area
Sensitivity to light
Blurred vision
Why shouldn’t you put on a stylus?
You should not pop, rub, scratch, or squeeze any stains. The popping of the leaf can open the area, the eyelid may be injured. This can lead to many complications.

It can spread bacterial infections to other parts of your eyelids or to your eyes.
It can worsen the infection inside the stye and cause it to worsen.
This can cause oil (dark) spots on your eyelids.
This can cause scar tissue (hardening or bumping) on ​​your eyelids.
This can cause patting (hole-like) stains on your eyelids.

Also, avoid:

Touch this area with your fingers or your eyes
Wear contact lenses
Wearing eye makeup, such as mascara
In addition, it is best not to pop the stylus as bumps can be a health problem or infection. These situations can sometimes look like a stalemate.

Chalazion is a painless bump that usually occurs on the eyelid. Clogged oil glands usually cause this.
High cholesterol can cause small bumps on or around your eyelids.
Other types of infections (bacteria or viruses) can also cause eyelid fragments.
Skin cancer can sometimes cause a small lump on your eyelid.
If you have any kind of injury or bump on your eyelid, see your doctor who is not far away or develops more than once.

What caused a stye?

Bacterial infections usually cause a rash. There are two different types.

An external or external eyelid stye occurs when there is an infection inside the follicle of an eyelash.
When there is an infection in the oil glands inside the eyelid, there is often an internal or internal contamination.
Bacterial infections can be caused by natural bacteria on your skin. This makeup can also be prepared with a makeup brush or mascara sticks.

Toss old makeup, especially mascara, eyeliners and eye shadow. Avoid sharing makeup. Wash your hands with soap and water before applying contact lenses or make-up.

Avoid false flogging or flogging to reduce your risk of any other type of infection. Also avoid wearing contact lenses or make-up while sleeping. In addition, clean and refresh contact lenses regularly.

If you have blepharitis, you may be at higher risk of getting a stroke. This condition makes the entire eyelid red and swollen. If you have, chances are:

Dry eyes
Smooth skin

How are eyes diagnosed?

Your primary care physician or ophthalmologist may look at your eyelids and eyes carefully to diagnose stasis. They can use any space to expand the area.

In some cases, your doctor may recommend a biopsy to make sure that the bump on your eyelid is stable and not a more serious condition.

This includes counting the first area. Then a small tissue is injected. The sample is sent to a laboratory for analysis under a microscope.

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